Do I have to register my alarm system?
    YES - all Burglar Alarm systems must be registered with the Police Department at time of installation.  
I purchased a new home with an alarm system already installed.  Do I have to register it again?
    YES - if you have purchased a home with a pre-existing Burglar Alarm System, you must contact the Police Department to register with new ownership information. 

Is there a fee for registering an alarm system?
    YES - All alarm registrations are $30.  There is also a $10 yearly maintenance fee for all registered alarms.  The $30 initial registration fee is due with your registration form.  The $10 yearly maintenance fee is billed during the first quarter of the year.

Are there fines for False Alarms?
    YES - First false alarm per calendar year: warning
              Second false alarm per calendar year: $50
              Third false alarm per calendar year: $100
              Fourth false alarm per calendar year: $100.
              Fifth and subsequent false alarm per calendar year: $250.

I accidentally set off my alarm, but told them not to come.  Is that a False Alarm?
    YES - Once our Communications Center receives notice from the Alarm Company that there is an alarm at your location, our officers must respond and verify that there is not a problem. 

My Alarm is not functioning properly and goes off for no reason.  Is that a False Alarm?
    YES - Anytime our officers respond to an alarm and it is an accidental activation or equipment malfunction it is considered a false alarm.  Please contact your alarm monitoring company to maintain proper functioning of your alarm system.

How do I pay?
You can drop off your payment at the Police Administration window at the West Chester Police Department or mail us your check or money order made out to: West Chester Police Department
                                                                      Attn:  Staci King - Police Administration
                                                                      401 East Gay Street
                                                                      West Chester, PA  19380
We do not accept credit cards or online payments at this time.