Jordan Norley took his oath of office as Mayor of West Chester Borough on April 13th, 2017. Prior to being sworn in as Mayor, he served both as President and Vice President on the Borough Council, being a strong advocate for quality of life issues & fiscal responsibility whilst ensuring that the borough’s priorities match the resident’s priorities.

Jordan is a proud resident of West Chester Borough with a passion for justice and betterment of community. He earned a BA in Management Science and Information Systems from Penn State University. He also had the opportunity to study abroad at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, studying international business.

As a Partner and Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor with The Plan Advocate at The Philadelphia Group, he is focused on retirement plan strategies for businesses and executives.

Jordan is an advocate of citizen engagement, and seeks to build consensus when addressing the opportunities and challenges before council. He strongly believes in transparency and accountability and that as a Borough, we can overcome challenges and continue to position ourselves as the community of choice for residents and businesses.

As Mayor, Jordan Norley will focus on police work priorities in the Borough, continue to be an advocate for residents and help transition the next Mayor elect into office with attention, care, and distinction.

During his time on Borough Council, he championed zero tax increases, instead focusing on effectively managing the expenses of the Borough. He chaired Public Safety and Finance where he championed no tax increases during his tenure, stronger rental ordinance, paid town watch, quiet zones, stronger zoning enforcement for rental properties, many planning projects, technological improvements for both community access and organizational efficiencies, and the Restoration of the Rail Service Committee.

Jordan Norley and his wife, Rani, enjoy living in the Borough together with their daughter Asha.