Permit Rates

Residential & Nonresidential Permits
New permits for the next year, September 1st to August 31st, are sold the first business day in August and are prorated by calendar quarter as follows:
  • September to November - $8
  • December to February - $7
  • March to May - $6
  • June to August - $5
Business Permits
Business permits are sold for $8 each to contracted service providers performing work in a residential permit area. Contact the Parking Department for information on specific requirements and exemptions.

Guest Permits
These permits are sold for $4 each to residents living in permit areas, but are limited as follows:
  • Single-family homes and apartments - 2 per dwelling
  • Rooming houses - 1 per each rented room
Student Permits
Student permits are sold for $40 each and the following qualifications / requirements apply:
  • Vehicle registration
  • Current WCU identification card
  • Proof of enrollment in the form of an official WCU document with name, address, and current semester information
  • Check or money order only
Note: A limited supply is available.